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Green Oaks Outpatient Clinic

When one hears Medical City Green Oaks Hospital, they typically think of our Psychiatric Hospital in Dallas, and they are partially correct. But almost everyone is surprised to learn Green Oaks also has thriving mental health facilities with expanding programs that provide excellent care to patients across North Texas. Our four locations in Dallas, Plano and Las Colinas offer patients a modern, quiet and relaxed atmosphere with a variety of services that help with:

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Partial Hospitalization Program

Designed for patients with a major mental illness and / or chemical dependency diagnosis who need intensive treatment, but do not meet criteria for inpatient psychiatric care.

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Behavioral Health Counseling Services

In our clinics, licensed therapist offer a safe, collaborative environment for clients to reflect and heal, process alternatives and practice skills to address specific situational stressors and / or unhealthy patterns and choices.

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Drug and Alcohol Program

When patients commit to our program, they tend to complete drug and alcohol addiction treatment and attend 12 step groups at a high rate. As a result, our patients not only get sober, but stay sober.

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WorkReturnsâ„  Program

WorkReturnsâ„  is an Intensive Outpatient Program that teaches clients to cope with the emotional aspects of issues related to work.

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Medical City Green Oaks Integrated Outpatient Clinic

Our clinic provides primary care and psychiatric services including medication management.

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