Clinical Diagnostic Services in Dallas, TX

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With psychiatric emergencies, every second counts. At Medical City Green Oaks Hospital, we understand this. Our Clinical Diagnostic Unit is a unique level of adult care that can assess a patient’s individual needs and match those needs to available services. Our specialized team includes a psychiatrist who is on duty at all times, nurses and treatment managers. Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Green Oaks number one goal is patient safety. We will stabilize and direct our patients to the appropriate and least restrictive community based treatment options. If necessary, we can provide hospitalization in our inpatient facility, or transfer to another appropriate care facility. For over 30 years, our specialized staff in our Clinical Diagnostic Unit has been committed to keep our patients safe, while providing innovative care with compassion and respect for patients and their families. For more information please call Connections at (972) 770-0818.

Please read more if your loved one was transferred from another facility or brought in by the police.