Are Your Kids Safe?

Medical City Green Oaks Hospital psychiatrist Dr. Elizabeth Ucheoma-Cofield discusses how we can keep our children safe while they are exposed to a variety of different predators or other negative aspects of internet usage. One way to do this is by establishing safety protocols for your kids. Make sure you know who they are talking too, when they are talking and set time limits for your children. Make sure you can track your children wherever they are going to make sure they are not putting themselves in danger. A lot times kids become victims of cyberbullying on the internet and that has become one of the leading causes of hospital admissions that Green Oaks has seen over the last several months; kids coming in with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Also, kids can start researching negative things online, such as eating disorders, cutting and suicidal ideations so parents need to be mindful of this.

It’s important to know the numbers to call; make sure your kids have crisis line phone numbers so when they do not feel comfortable telling their parents, they can call someone who can help. If that’s the only thing we can give our children, do this!