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Tele-Psychiatry Services

Tele-Psychiatry Services in Dallas, TX

Green Oaks is pleased to announce that we are now offering Tele-Psychiatry; a program that was first implemented as a pilot program in 2012 within the Psychiatric Emergency Room. The purpose is to develop expertise in delivering behavioral care via telemedicine to expedite care. Our program brings the best of behavioral healthcare and disposition assistance to both rural and urban hospitals, who find that Psychiatry and other resources are necessary to provide the most advanced and expedited behavioral health services to their patients.

The Green Oaks Tele-Psychiatry program is an innovative program that uses proven, internet technology to bring the best of behavioral health care to communities. Psychiatrists can be joined remotely to any hospital by a site-independent, internet-based, FDA approved, HIPPA-compliant telemedicine system which allows consultations within facilities located in both rural and urban areas in need of behavioral health physician services. Utilizing telemedicine allows Green Oaks to realize the benefits of providing care remotely when in-person care is not readily available. In addition to benefitting the patients, the Green Oaks Tele-Psychiatrists and supports staff reported very high levels of confidence and satisfaction with remote care.

Green Oaks now partners with other providers to deliver Tele-Psychiatry programs in multiple locations.

For more information regarding our Tele-Psychiatry Services please contact Shannon Winburn at (972) 404-5209.