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Adolescent Emergency Psychiatric Services

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Adolescent Emergency Services

Medical City Green Oaks provides emergency mental health services for adolescents, ages 12-17. We offer crisis stabilization, emergency services, and inpatient care. If your loved one is being transported to Green Oaks from another hospital and/or admitted to our facility, here is what you can expect.

If transferred your child will arrive at Medical City Green Oaks Hospital through our Psychiatric Emergency Services entrance and proceed directly to the Adolescent Unit which is located in Module C. From our Lobby your child will be taken directly to the Adolescent Unit. Once an evaluation has taken place (which may take up to 23 hours), appropriate ongoing care will be determined, i.e., home, inpatient stay or transfer to another appropriate facility.

Your child will be assessed and seen by a physician as soon as possible. If your child is being transferred to Medical City Green Oaks Hospital during our normal business hours between 7:00 am - 10:00 pm; you may proceed to the front lobby of our hospital where we will inform the Adolescent Unit that you have arrived. Medical City Green Oaks Hospital will make every effort to accommodate parents who want to see their child briefly on the Adolescent Unit, however, parents will not be allowed to remain on the unit with their child. If your child arrives at our hospital after 10:00 pm, please call the Adolescent Unit at (972) 701-3635 and the nurse will make every effort to accommodate the parent as stated above.

In order to check the status of your child, you will need a 3 digit patient identification code which is provided by Medical City Green Oaks Hospital. If you are the Legal Guardian of your child, this number can be provided to you. This is in compliance with Green Oaks Hospital Notice of Privacy Practices. Green Oaks must abide by the Hospital’s Notice of Privacy Practices as it relates to a Psychiatric Hospital. If you would like to provide Green Oaks with pertinent information relating to your child; please call our Adolescent Unit by dialing (972) 701-3635 and ask for the nurse or case manager for emergency psychiatric help. Please be aware that case managers do call for background and current crisis information the morning after your child is admitted (sometimes the same day), but if there is something urgent that the staff needs to know, i.e., medical allergies, conditions, guardianship issues) please call (972) 701-3635 and relay this information to the nurse on duty.

Provided that you are on the list for family members to discuss your child’s status, you are welcome to call to check on your child at any time. Please keep in mind that the nurses and case managers are working with several patients and may need to return your call if they are busy.

If you would like to leave belongings for your child, please do so through the front lobby receptionist of the hospital during normal business hours. If you have questions in regards to guidelines on what you can bring, please refer these questions to the nurses on the Adolescent Unit.

If you would like information about support groups for families and for patients who are suffering from mental illness or substance abuse in your area, please go to (National Alliance on Mental Illness). This is a national non-profit organization which has several offices throughout the Dallas area and they help families and loved ones suffering from mental illness and substance abuse through support groups and education which are free of charge.

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