Tom Collins, CEO
Tom Collins, CEO
A little over 20 years ago, we decided Medical City Green Oaks Hospital would be a psychiatric hospital that served the psychiatric needs for all residents in the community, not just those with certain payment ability. To that end, in early 2001 we developed a psychiatric emergency room for the sole purpose of providing help where anyone, at any time of day or night, can get psychiatric or substance use crisis help to address their specific needs, and not have to be placed in an inappropriate setting such as a hospital emergency room or jail. Our mission has always been to have an admission criteria based on clinical need, not ability to pay. Green Oaks is committed to the most cutting edge, effective clinical practices; whether ours or someone else’s design. Green Oaks understands its place in the community, and so we have and continued to strive to define ourselves as part of the mental health safety net.

Two new areas that we are currently initiating based on what we consider to be acute community needs are:

  • To provide Primary Medical Care for people who also have a psychiatric diagnoses; as it is often those co-morbidities, if not treated in coordination, that often work at cross purposes. And still too often patients, who are in need of psychiatric help, find themselves in long wait-times in an inappropriate Med Surg Emergency Room or even worse, jail.
  • Medical City Green Oaks Hospital designed a Tele-Psychiatry service so that psychiatrists can be available to patients in a medical facility so they can receive an immediate consultation for transfer to an appropriate psychiatric setting.

When someone is experiencing a psychiatric crisis, every second counts. Having access to a Psychiatric Emergency Room while in and of itself can be sometimes a harsh and traumatic experience, it is the beginning of an appropriate treatment process toward psychiatric stabilization.

Medical City Green Oaks Hospital has been recognized as the most progressive, effective, and innovative psychiatric system, by delivering services and providing community outreach and education, with the focus on the most efficient, cost-effective, quality patient care as the driving force behind all of our endeavors. Green Oaks strives to promote dignity, holding compassion and respect for patients and their families, as the absolute standard. I am proud to be associated with so many caring and dedicated staff who serves the healthcare needs of our community.